Platte-Geddes School District 11-5 
Strategic Plan 2013-2018

Vision Statement: Empower all students to fully achieve their personal and academic potential as lifelong learners in a global society

Platte-Geddes Curricular, Extra-Curricular and 21st Century Vision
Strategy 1: To enhance the ability to meet individual student curricular needs through the efficient and effective use of staff and technology
A)    Problem Based Learning
1.        All staff will be trained in problem based learning instruction
2.        Teaching staff will use the design cycle to create projects
3.        Projects will involve real world topics relevant to our students
4.        All staff will strive to incorporate the Platte-Geddes habits into their instruction
5.        Teaching staff will strive to create trans disciplinary projects
6.        Teaching staff will strive to develop a partnership with other grade levels to create projects
7.        Teaching staff will strive to develop a partnership with local professionals to create projects
       B)     Common Core Content Standards
1.        Teaching staff will align all lessons to meet the common core standards
2.        Teachers will visit the Smarter Balance Assessment website to review sample test questions
3.        The Platte-Geddes staff will evaluate our current curriculums to assess for common core alignment
4.        Teaches will strive to develop questions that require extended and strategic thinking to enhance the depth of knowledge (Webbs Depth of Knowledge)
C)    Curriculum Enhancement Opportunities
1.        Students will have access to prescribed DIAL and Edgenuity courses
2.        Certain staff will be trained on how to proctor the Edgenuity courses
3.        The District will strive to provide parents with all pertinent information regarding online courses
4.        Parents will be responsible for covering the cost of dual credit course, text books, and materials
D)    Career and Technical Education
1.        The Platte-Geddes School District will strive to develop relationships with local businesses to help enhance our students CTE offerings (hospital, contractors, Meyerink Farm Service)
2.        The District will form a Career and Technical Education Committee, consisting of the superintendent, board members, CTE instructors, and local business owners
3.        Students will have access to all CTE courses provided by the DIAL Virtual School
  E.)   Registration Process
1. The District will explore a new registration process to improve the current model
2. A parent registration night will be held to inform and educate the students and parents about course offerings 
3. Students, along with parents and advisors will create a personalized learning plan to map their four year pathway to gradation
Platte-Geddes Fiscal Vision
Strategy 2- To determine a fiscally responsible process for determining capital outlay, facilities, and technology advancement expenditures,
1.        The District will create a five year capital outlay plan
2.        The District will continue to fund technology advancement to provide the best educational experience for our students
3.        The District will strive to operate a balanced budget
Platte-Geddes Public Relations Vision
Strategy 3- To promote positive relationships and communication with all stake holders and attract highly-qualified teachers and prospective students
1.        Continue to develop and build community relationships through constant communication
2.        Provide community partnerships opportunities
3.        Expand service projects
4.        Build and maintain rapport with our colony schools
5.        Develop a working relationship with the home-school families within our district